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What our readers say

  • A breath of fresh air

    “Laughing IS Conceivable is like a breath of fresh air and will be a welcome antidote to individuals and couples who are searching for a new way to relieve the stress of their infertility.”

    Alice D. Domar, Ph.D

    Executive Director

    Domar Center for Mind/Body Health, Boston IVF

    Author, Conquering Infertility

  • read it, you will feel better

    “Lori Shandle-Fox’s book has the rare quality of making us laugh about infertility. She reveals some of our hidden thoughts, fantasies and frustrations, reducing the pain and joining us with countless other women suffering infertility…While bringing fun into our life for a time.

    Read it, you will feel better.”

    Jean Benward


    San Ramon, CA

  • wonderfully light-hearted

    “Having cared for infertility patients for over 30 years, I loved her new book. Lori writes ‘How ridiculous are some of the people you have to deal with?’ Amen.

    Lori has a wonderfully light-hearted and entertaining way of discussing a serious, sensitive and frustrating subject. Her humor and wit can certainly help patients ‘laugh so they don’t go mad’ while on their infertility journey.”

    Laurence A. Jacobs M.D., FACOG

    Partner-Fertility Centers of Illinois,

    Integramed Practice

  • laughed out loud

    “I enjoyed Laughing IS Conceivable immensely. I smiled constantly, chuckled a lot, and even laughed out loud!

    That strikes me as successful!”

    Sanford M. Rosenberg, M.D.

    Richmond Center for Fertility

    and Endocrinology, Ltd.

  • a must read

    “Laughing IS Conceivable offers the right dose of medicine for coping with infertility- humor. Lori’s journey offers tremendous insight and comfort in a shared experience of infertility. She chronicles the adventure, challenges, and emotions that accompany infertility and its treatment. This book is a must read for anyone experiencing infertility who embraces the notion that laughter is the best medicine.”

    Andrea Mechanick Braverman, Ph.D.

    Director of Psychological and

    Complementary Care, RMA of NJ

  • refreshing and needed

    “Laughing IS Conceivable is a light hearted look at fertility treatment today. Lori Shandle-Fox has captured the essence of going through the rigors of fertility treatments from a personal perspective, but has added a very humorous slant to the entire process. This is a must read for all patients, partners and family members going through this process. Her humorous look at the patient as well as the medical side of this treatment journey is refreshing and needed.”

    Richard P Marrs, M.D.

    Managing Partner

    California Fertility Partners,

    Los Angeles, CA

    Author: Dr. Richard Marrs
    Fertility Book

  • humor uplifts us

    “When you smile life smiles with you, and in her book, Laughing IS Conceivable, Lori Shandle-Fox, shares many smiles and how humor uplifts us in the most challenging of times. Infertility is hard, yet when you add a spark of humor to the journey, the light shines and improves the experience, and I believe the outcome. Thanks to Lori for sharing many laughs.”

    Robert J. Kiltz, MD, FACOG

    Owner & Director

    CNY Fertility Centers, CNY Healing Arts

    Syracuse * Albany * Rochester

    Author: The Fertile Secret, Guide to Living a Fertile Life

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This little eBook is for you if you…

  • are currently going through fertility/infertility treatment
  • know someone who is going through fertility/infertility treatment (but you don’t want to seem nosy)
  • want to understand your friends, family members, co-workers who are going through this process
  • are a medical professional (a veteran or in-training) who wants to:
    • better understand your patients
    • move your patients another step closer to a positive outcome
    • offer your patients a cheap and cheerful way to ease the angst of their journey
  • are someone who:
    • has no connection to infertility
    • couldn’t care less
    • stumbled on this site accidentally because the letters are half-scratched off on your keyboard… but you just want or need to laugh at the absurdities of everyday life (you’ll definitely get the humor and won’t feel alienated by insider lingo)


I hope you really enjoy it and laugh long and hard…preferably in public.

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