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The eBook

If you’re lucky, there are times when all of the corners of your life come together and meet in a nice tidy dot in the middle. That’s what Laughing IS Conceivable: One Woman’s Extremely Funny Peek into the Extremely Unfunny World of Infertility is for me.

Writing stories at a young age + never being able to rely on my looks to get by + my hilarious parents + years of stand-up comedy + meeting my lovely husband late in life all pointed me in this direction I think.

I never really set out to write this book. I was just going through infertility treatments and one day started laughing about something absurd. Who remembers what exactly? I remember the nurses showing me how to inject myself as they went through what seemed like twenty-two steps about puncturing the vial in the rubber top and flicking the bubbles out of the needle or something, and the subcutaneous fat on my stomach or something, and me, having never been  the shy one said to them:

“You want me to do this to myself every night? I don’t know about you, but my degree’s in Spanish.”

It could have been that moment which sparked the book. Or it could have been when I met with the doctor after my second or third failed insemination attempt and said something to him that’s probably not a good idea to say to anyone whom you’re planning to have inseminate you in any way, shape or form: I called his business, a big money maker…No, no, wait a moment, that doesn’t sound right…Oh, right…”racket”..that’s right.  That’s what I said:

“It’s quite a racket you’re running here.”

The second those words come out of your mouth, you may as well ask him to open his desk drawer and hand over the yellow pages so you can start thumbing through the “F”s for “Fertility Clinics”.

So, I’m not sure at what point I actually thought I should write a book. I probably just figured that all of the angst I was going through shouldn’t just sit in my liver and fester. I also think I wrote out of self-protection.  If I wrote a book and a blog maybe I could help de-stress others in my situation and even entertain them. Whereas if I kept it all to myself eventually I’d probably do something which would have me locked up somewhere…a prison, an asylum..I’m sure either would have been welcome by me by that point and pleaded for by my husband.

This book is currently available only in e-book for Kindle and Kindle apps (that you can often  get on your phone or iPad). It will be available in good old fashioned paperback in the future. I’ve priced the e-book at $3.99. I’ve seen commercials for years where advertisers claim a product or service is: “affordable to everyone”. Well, in my brokest of broke times in life (as many people are facing during infertility treatments), I often wondered if they’re idea of “affordable to everyone” would still be out of reach for me. Let’s face it, “free” is the only way  you can guarantee something’s “affordable to everyone“.  Pricing this sucker at $3.99, I got as close as I could to “free” without completely abandoning my dream of ever ditching my day job.

Also, I am trying to de-stress the already extremely stressed and I figure if you’re paying $40,000 for fertility treatments, a $75 book probably won’t accomplish that. And the book is short and I think, to the point. website domain names search . I know none of you would be foolish enough to pay $75 for a book that’s fast, fun reading unless it was written by the Dalai Lama or Oprah.

The main goal of this book is for it to be used as a sponge to suck up much of the angst and frustrations that inherently come with infertility…and really, life.

    1. If you’re going through treatments, or thinking about going through treatments
    2. If you’re a family member or friend of someone infertile and you really are concerned but don’t want to ask them personal questions or know that they don’t want you to ask them personal questions
    3. If you’re a medical professional or training to become one and you want to connect better with what that person on the other side of the desk or other end of the examining table is dealing with when she leaves your facility and tries to go on with her day.
    4. If you’re a medical professional and would like to suggest to your patients a cheap way to make their journey a mite easier and perhaps help them in yet another way toward a positive outcome
    5. If you’re someone who has no connection to infertility, doesn’t know anybody infertile (which is unlikely by the way), doesn’t know anybody who knows anybody infertile (which is a mathematical impossibility, by the way) … but just wants or needs to laugh at the absurdities of everyday life..(You’ll definitely get the humor and won’t get mired in insider lingo.)

Then this little book is for you. I hope you really enjoy it and laugh long and loudly …preferably in front of many people who just look at you like you’re nuts… I don’t know. There’s just something incredibly freeing about that.